An Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

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An Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

When your business has a presence online, you will no doubt be hoping that many users reach your website on a daily basis. Not only do you want this traffic to reach your website, but you will also be wanting them to perform some sort of action while on your website that triggers the beginning of a business relationship – perhaps a purchase, contact us request or an account registration. This is where we come across the concept of conversions and conversion rate optimisation. It is the process of changing the visitors of your websites into clients or customers, in the cost effective and efficient way.

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a system by means of which the conversion rate of any website can be increased. In other words, a higher percentage of visitors will actually be converting into clients or customers for the company by means of this system.

One of the biggest advantages of CRO is its ability to hike sales through the online website. For instance, it allows the company to understand the viewers and potential customers better, in order to cater to their needs. It can maximize the conversion rate based on the current website traffic and work accordingly. CRO can thus play a big role in increasing sales in your company.

CRO Methods

A/B Testing

This is a very interesting method for conducting a conversion rate optimization process. In this process, we basically compare two versions of a webpage by showing them individually to viewers at random and by means of a statistical analysis, understand which one works better with the customers. By introducing the two new versions, we can gauge customer reactions and thus work on the conversion rate.

Customer journey analysis

Customer journey analysis is one of the best options for CRO. This is the method by which the system analyses the journey of the customer from the time he or she is visiting the webpage to the time an actual transaction takes place. This is based mainly on customer behavior and works towards increasing the conversion rate. Customer journey analysis works mostly with the use of filters and categories, product search options and the likes.

Online surveys/customer feedback

The main idea behind using CRO to increase your sales is to understand how your potential clients work and what they need. Online surveys are a great way to reach out to them and get their opinion. Using this customer feedback, necessary changes can be brought about both in terms of operations and website modifications.

CRO Tools


Inspectlet is the ideal option when it comes to customer journey analysis. This works by focusing on customer behavior. It keeps a record of every movement the potential client makes on your webpage to understand his or her requirements. This could include a mouse movement, a scroll on the page and the likes.


If you are looking to collect customer feedback and connect with your clients, Intercom would be the best choice here. This is more of a customer communication platform helping the company interact with the clients to helps departments of marketing, sales, product support and the likes. Intercom facilitates communication through emails, websites, mobile applications and the likes.


Prismic is less of a tool and more of a platform, this is one of the most useful options available for using the A/B Testing method for CRO. Prismic is a Content Management System (CMS) that helps companies push useful content on their sites and make it more suited to customer needs to increases sales. There are specific features available for marketers for building the right content and making use of project management tools.

Making sure that you get the most bang for your buck when users reach your website is enormously important for the sustainability of your marketing and sales process. By trying out some of the methods mentioned in this article you might be able to improve your operations significantly and make a world of difference to your bottom line.

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