How Much Does It Cost To Build An App

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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App

We’re often asked how much it costs to develop apps, and as much as we’d love to give a definitive answer, it’s just not that easy! Web and mobile app development can be a complex process and unless it’s a simple WordPress website, it’s most likely going to involve some custom coding and a bit of design work.

1) What Type of App

The first step is to choose what type of app you need. Distributed iOS/Android apps can provide a richer user experiences and are able to leverage mobile device hardware, however they’re more expensive and less accessible than web apps, which can be reached via any modern browser.

2) What Features Are Needed

Next, choose what features will need built into your app. A feature is something that will provide value to the users of your app. Including unnecessary and excessive features into an app is a common and costly mistake. Ideally you will start small, and then introduce more features gradually and only once your users have requested them.

3) What Admin is Needed

Now, you need to choose features that will help you manage the app. These are administration type features that allow you to keep the app content up-to-date, identify issues and access logging and analytics.

4) Other Requirements

Some final considerations are now necessary. You will need to decide how much attention to detail you want to put into your design and security. Also, if you couldn’t find an option for a feature in a previous step, you may still be able to include this functionality if there is a third-party platform offering this feature via their API (click here to learn what an API is). Here are some example platforms that offer API’s that we integrate with regularly; DocuSignVixVerifyMailchimp & Uber.

Having considered the above, send through your requirements and we will be happy to provide a ballpark estimate. If it’s within your budget then we can go into much further detail about what will be needed.

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