How to Increase Business with Lead Magnets

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How to Increase Business with Lead Magnets

For the business development team of any company, one of the primary measures of success is being able to consistently and cost effectively generate quality leads. The number of leads generated on a regular basis has a direct impact on how rapidly the business grows. Very often, it’s difficult to know the starting point of such lead creation. This is where lead magnets come in.

What Exactly is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet works as a landing page on a website which provide incentives for visitors to share their contact or personal information with the website owner. For instance, there might be an offer on the landing page that if the user deems valuable enough, they would be happy to share their email address for in exchange.

Having a good selection of lead magnets on your website ensures you will be more able to establish effective relationships with your website viewers. If you have a relatively high traffic website already, then this can give you access to thousands of potential new clients. It’s worth noting the fact that 98% of the total visitors on your site are not yet ready to make a purchase, subscribe or use your contact form. Lead magnets can bridge this gap and help you reach out to the viewers, if not now, then later down the track.

How Does a Lead Magnet Help You?

The basic idea for a lead magnet is giving something to the potential customer for free. This paves the way for building a rapport with the customer and thus helps your business grow. Here are some of the most prominent advantages of using a lead magnet.

Builds trust

Lead magnets go a long way in helping you build a relationship of trust with the customer. They can increase your credibility and gives your organization more visibility in the market. This is important since the target audience should be well aware of your reputation, the services you can offer and thus have a sense of trust in your name.

Obtaining customer information

Lead magnets are a great way of reaching out to the potential customers. With a small but free incentive, you are able to gain contact information from your visitors that gives you a potential foot in the door for further communication. For instance, with something as basic as an email, you could send regular updates to the potential clients, inform them of different offers, and keep your brand at the forefront of their mind.

Types of Lead Magnets

Here are some ideas that could help you in your lead generation process.

Reports & Guides

This is probably one of the most common types of lead magnet. Whatever your business objective, creating a report and making it available to the public can work well to attract the attention of the viewers.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets containing useful and knowledgeable content make for great lead magnets. As compared to guides and reports, they are a lot more precise and convey the contextual information. Since these hand-outs are short and specific, they work well to build up the viewers’ curiosity.


If your website features instructional blog posts, checklists could be the best way to convey your message. Checklists are great at complimenting your instructional content with a practical and sequential way of tracking completed steps.


A toolkit works well for giving the viewers a sneak peek into the business. This could include a starter kit, a template for a particular task or perhaps a glossary of required terms.


If you are working with a series of blog posts, an eBook could be perfect to combine some or all of the topics together. These are particularly effective at boosting yours and your brands reputation, and can instill confidence in your audience regarding your knowledge in a particular field.

It may take a relatively small amount of time upfront to create and configure your lead magnets, but we find they’re a highly effective means and attracting and gaining new leads for your business. Once they’re set up, they will typically require only occasional revision and maintenance, and they will provide a continuous stream of leads to help your business thrive.

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