Reasons to Digitise a Paper Form

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Reasons to Digitise a Paper Form

It takes 40% less time to fill up a digital form when compared to a physical paper form. With more structure, intuition and automation than their manual alternative, digital forms are the far superior option and the modern way of collecting information.

Here are the reasons that you should be striving to digitise your data collection processes as soon as possible.

Data validation

One of the first and most important advantages of digitisation of the paper form is immediate data validation. Unlike the conventional methods of filling out a form, the digital form does not take time to validate the data entered into the form – its instantaneous.

There are also situations when a person fills in incorrect information which is not valid for a particular question. By using a digital form, the user will only be inserting the right information as per the requirement. This reduces error and thus the whole process becomes smooth and less error prone.

Information storage

What happens when you insert some information or data in a physical form? The data remains on the form and is used for only the required purpose. More often than not, this information is transferred into an online portal for further processing.

On the other hand, if the form is already digitised, the data is directly inserted into the online database. This allows for smoother information management and storage. That means, once the data is inserted there, it stays fixed there and can be reused later for different purposes.

If you have some e-commerce website with forms to help your customers, you can store their information and put it to use later. To sum it up, using a digital form leads to the creation of a large pool of reusable information that saves a lot of time in the long term!

Less overheads

What is one of the most disliked things in a form? Too much information! Yes, this is true. The more compact a form is, the easier it is for us to fill it out. When you have a paper form, you are often going through rows of questions where you have to enter your information more than once. But, the logic which powers a digital platform can be a lot more intuitive. If the same kind of information is required in more than one place, the data can be auto-populated accordingly.

Integration with third-party services

While utilising digital forms, you have the added advantage of linking your form to third-party service providers and APIs. What this does is essentially transfers the data to and from other similar systems and databases and in turn leads to less data repetition and more automation between systems. Saving you time and money by decreasing overheads.

Modern API’s provide us with the ability to connect our online forms with practically any other service available on the internet. Be it identity verification, payment gateways, digital signatures or PDF generation. All of this culminates and a smoother, faster and more automated business – meaning that you can spend more time growing your business and less time running it.

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