Why Is a Responsive Website so Important?

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Why Is a Responsive Website so Important?

A responsive website is one that inspects the device it is being viewed on and automatically adapts its layout according to the screen size. The ultimate goal of a responsive website is to give the user the best possible experience while browsing the website.

Responsive websites have become more important since 2016 when statistics showed that more users are now accessing the internet using mobile devices instead of laptops or desktops.

On the other hand, Google now rewards websites for being mobile responsive and friendly. It is common knowledge that Google is one of the biggest search engines that people pay attention to when it changes its search engine ranking algorithm.

Though, apart from what Google says, a responsive website if good for your business in many ways. Keep reading this article if you want to find why a responsive website is an important component of your business.

Increasing website traffic from mobile devices

As mentioned earlier, since 2016, more internet users are using mobile devices. A responsive website gives users a great user experience which keeps them glued to the site. The amount of time a user spends on your time is an important indicator that gives Google an idea of how valuable your site isGoogle rankings favor responsive websites in which users spend more time on the web pages.

A responsive website quickly adapts to the screen size of the device accessing it. This can also allow the website to load faster – particularly if there are less elements to load. Websites that load faster are more likely to retain their users and increase mobile traffic as well as Google rankings.

A responsive website is a good way to ensure that you don’t build a separate mobile website. The downside of building a dedicated mobile website is having duplicate content on two websites. This can end up diluting your SEO strength and is not advisable!

Accessibility when not at a desk

Not everyone needs to be tied to the desk before they can access the internet. A responsive website allows users to access the internet on the go. The user is guaranteed of seeing mobile optimized web pages that will not alter their web experience.

Quicker and cheaper to create than a mobile app

A responsive website does not increase your mobile traffic but makes it easy for you to run your website. Building a separate website for the desktop and the mobile devices is a tough nut to crack. Having multiple websites requires you to have different SEO campaigns each targeted for an individual platform. Such an approach is costly to your business and time-consuming. You are doing twice the amount of work to achieve the same result.

Another option you might have instead of creating a responsive website is to develop a separate mobile app. This can be a good idea but you will need to have the budget and resources available to do so.

Lastly, maintaining a single website is the best way to go. It makes web maintenance easier and more manageable. A single responsive website also allows you to grow your web rankings quickly as you do not need to split your traffic between two separate URLs.

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