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IRIS - reliability, scalability and user experience

IRIS is a cross-platform browser extension for online academic assessment integrity.

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The Denim Development team were tasked with building a user-friendly, reliable and performant browser extension that could record students performing remote assessments in order to meet academic integrity requirements.

During exams, ensuring the stability and user-friendliness of IRIS becomes paramount. The development team undertook crucial steps to achieve this goal. The user interface was thoughtfully designed to streamline the process into three simple steps: selecting input devices, entering student information, and granting browser permissions. Once these steps were completed, the proctoring process commenced, and upon finishing the assessment, the session was automatically uploaded to the IRIS servers.

To guarantee optimal performance and accommodate the fluctuating demands during exam periods, AWS was selected as the ideal cloud hosting provider. Its scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness made it the perfect fit. Moreover, auto-scaling capabilities were set up to efficiently handle sudden surges in activity.

Considering the significance of data security and risk management, automated database backups and extensive logging mechanisms were configured. This ensured data integrity and provided comprehensive support in case of any unforeseen issues.

Given the criticality of the IRIS session upload process, extra measures were implemented to guarantee the safe arrival of session files to the IRIS servers. Offline mode and an automated retry process were put in place to ensure that no data was lost, providing users with added confidence in the system's reliability.

In conclusion, by prioritising stability, user experience, scalability, and reliability, the IRIS platform was effectively equipped to handle the pressures of exam periods, ultimately serving students and educators alike with a dependable and efficient assessment solution.


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