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Remote Labs - cloud virtual machines available on demand

Remote Labs provides virtual machines with licensed software on demand via a simple to use booking portal.

Virtual Labs
Remote Sessions

Denim Development were tasked with creating a scalable and automated system to enable on-demand remote machine access for EIT staff. It was crucial for the machines to start and shutdown automatically to meet availability requirements and ultimately reduce costs.

  1. Remote Labs example
  2. Remote Labs example

Denim Development implemented the innovative "Remote Labs" system for EIT. This system seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure APIs, enabling the automatic starting and stopping of Azure Lab machines that were pre-installed with the required licensed software.

Through a dedicated web portal, remote staff make bookings in advanced to access the software and use the same portal as a remote desktop client, providing a streamlined and secure access experience.

The Remote Labs system offered numerous benefits to EIT. By automatically starting and stopping the virtual machines based on usage patterns, the institution could significantly reduce costs in alignment with the usage-based billing model of cloud hosting. This optimized resource allocation and ensured that EIT only incurred expenses for the actual periods when the licensed software was in use, effectively minimising unnecessary uptime expenses.

The implementation of the Remote Labs system provided an efficient and cost-effective solution for EIT's remote staff to access licensed software.


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