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How To Properly Vet A Web Developer

So, you have finally made up your mind to establish your business online and want a kickass website or web application. This next step is to find a talented and professional web developer that you can trust to build what you’re looking for

Posted by: Daniel Boterhoven on Mon Nov 22


The good and bad news is that once you start looking for web developers, you will find them virtually everywhere. This makes the search easy and tough at the same time. Their quick availability is an asset while choosing one out of so many is no less than a herculean task.

So, what would you do in such an event? Interrogate them and see if they fit the bill. But, this might not be as easy as it seems. Here in this article, we are going to discuss a few key points you should stick to in the process of choosing a perfect web developer for you.

Say yes to online coding tests

The best way to gauge the capabilities and skills of your web developer is by asking them to give online coding tests which would help you in determining their skill level. This way you would not only be able to filter the best options but would also be able to hire the web developer as per your requirements.

There is a range of websites that can help you in assessing the coding skills of your candidate. Some of these include DevSkiller and TestDome.

Let another developer interview them

If you are not from a technical background, it is always recommended to let other developers who might already be a part of your startup or are within your network to interview the developer. This serves as a clear metric of how skilled your developer is in real life scenarios.

Have a look at their past works

Nothing explains the capabilities of a developer better than their portfolio. Enquire your developer about his past works, and cross check with the respective owners to verify. This serves as a clear testimony of their skills and puts you into the confidence of hiring them.

Speak face to face or via email

Communication is an important part of software development. If your developer lags basic communication skills, the probability is high that you will face communication issues later in the project. It is thus highly recommended to speak face to face with your developer or arrange a video call if necessary. You might also like to check their email writing skills just to be sure.

Start with a paid test job

Your developer might have already passed the coding test; you can still start with a small paid test job instead of going full-fledged with the whole project at once. Analyse and see how well they execute the paid test job to see if they are the right fit.

Keep checking in once they are on board

Involve yourself in the process of web development. Keep checking with your developer if he is going the right way. You can even get their work crosschecked from other senior developers just to be sure. Further, pair programming sessions and weekly meetings also help in brushing your developer’s skills.

Careful Vetting Is Worth It

If you are in hurry and don’t have the time to follow all these steps, it is highly recommended to at least begin with a test project. This would not only minimize the risk level but would also ensure that you don’t invest your time and efforts on a wrong developer.


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