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Video – Different Types of Apps

This video discusses the various types of apps; Web, Hybrid, Native and the PWA.

Posted by: Daniel Boterhoven on Thu May 05

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Each have their own pros and cons. It’s highly important to do your research before hand to ensure you choose the right one for your projects specific requirements.


G’day, I’m Dan from Denim Development.

Today I’m going to be talking all about the different types of apps that you can build. Choosing the right app will have a big impact on your project. Choosing the wrong app will potentially blow out your budget and introduce a lot of performance and usability issues.

First off we have a web app. They are accessible via any device which has a browser installed… which is most of them. They’re a build once, easy to deploy application. They’re the lowest cost to build, but they do have limited device feature integration support. So that’s things like Notification, Contacts and Biosecurity. It’s all not very well supported.

Next off we have Hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are available via the app stores. They’re a build once release separately to each app store type situation. You can build it once using the same codebase, and then it needs to be deployed individually to either the App Store or Google Play. They have a moderate cost associated with them, but with that they have decent device feature integration support, such as Push Notification and Contacts access, pretty much everything that a typical mobile app will offer.

Next we have Native apps. So, Native apps are available by the app stores also. They need to be built once per platform, and then deployed separately also. Just like Hybrid apps. Native apps to need to be built specifically per platform. So that does mean it potentially doubles the cost. So with that it means they have a higher cost associated with them. Ultimately they do have the best device feature integration support. And they have a little bit of a performance gain as well.

Then we have the last one, which is Progressive Web Apps. These are a newer technology, and they aim at bridging the gap between web and mobile tech. They’re accessible via any device with a web browser, like a web app. They have decent device feature support. They’re also a build once and deploy everywhere scenario. They do have advantages over web apps. And they even have close to the capabilities of Hybrid and Native apps. And the added benefit is they have a lower cost associated with them. Given that to build them there’s not much difference to building a web app.

Choosing the right type of app is very important for your project. If accessibility is a priority then you might want to go a PWA or a web app. If good device feature integration at a reasonable price is what you’re looking for then a Hybrid app is probably the right way to go. Otherwise, if you want the best device feature integration and budget isn’t an issue then you probably want to go a native app. Choosing the right app type is very important for your project and so it’s important to do your research before hand. It could either make or break your project.

Thank you.


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