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Setting Yourself Up in The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is one of the many recent business trends enabled by the rise of technology and the internet.

How to Delegate Work to a Developer in 4 Easy Steps

There comes a time when all business owners begin to truly understand that to get ahead, you must become a master of delegation

The Secret to Launching a Successful Retail App

The retail industry was among the first to truly embrace the immense possibilities of the internet, and that forward-thinking eagerness has made life easier for everyone.

Video – Growing a Product Organically

In this video Daniel discusses some general guidelines and tips on launching a product in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Web, Mobile or Desktop App – Which Is Right for Your Project?

We often meet with businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to create the next big app.

5 Methods of Funding Your Startup

Raising the capital necessary to establish and scale a startup is one of the many defining hurdles in the startup journey. Capital is the grease in the cogs that keep your startup moving. Without it, and without enough of it, your startup’s expansion will ground to a halt.