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WebHooks – What They Are And How To Use Them

Recently, online activities have become very much more event-based.

Setting Yourself Up in The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is one of the many recent business trends enabled by the rise of technology and the internet.

The Benefits Of Service Workers In Web Development

With websites, and especially web apps, it is often important to provide a level of functionality that goes beyond the simple operation of the open page.

How To Properly Vet A Web Developer

So, you have finally made up your mind to establish your business online and want a kickass website or web application. This next step is to find a talented and professional web developer that you can trust to build what you’re looking for

Why You Should Use Bcrypt to Hash Passwords

In the online world, passwords play a critical role in keeping your data and other important information safe. For this reason, ensuring your passwords remain secure is critical. If not, the consequences can be catastrophic – think the Sony hacks of 2011.

DevOps, What's the Deal?

DevOps is the process of systemising and automating the software delivery process to reduce costs, bugs, and time to delivery.

An Introduction to Progressive Mobile Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWA takes advantage of new web technologies enabled in modern web browsers to provide users with an experience that’s indistinguishable from using a native app.

Video – What Is Cloud Architecture?

In this video, Daniel Boterhoven provides a high level overview of why Cloud Architecture has replaced traditional methods of hosting web and mobile applications.

Video – An Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

In this video, Daniel Boterhoven provides an introduction into Progressive Web Apps